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Whilst understanding the current market and economic conditions in the country, it has been observed over a period of time, with the exception of Sudarshana, we do not just fall below target month on month, invariably a good number of sales come in during the last two days of the month including a number of sales highlighted as very positive not been converted. As such the following reasons have been identified for the above-mentioned drawbacks.
      • Sales individuals do not have medium and long-term sales confirmations (contracts)
      • Not expanding current client base with new clients
      • High discounts offered for one-month confirmations resulting in low sales values.
      • Low rates offered to corporates with big advertising budgets using CPM.
as such the following will be implemented with immediate effect. However, in the event, the salesperson can provide a reasonable and acceptable justification an exception to the rule can be made.
Initial proposals should carry rate card rates. Discounts should only be offered only if clients request or negotiate.  
      • confirmation of 1 or 2 months – Maximum discount 15%
      • confirmation of 3 or 5 months – Maximum discount 20%
      • confirmation of 6 or 8 months – Maximum discount 30%
      • confirmation of 9 or 12 months – Maximum discount 40%
New clients
      • You will be required to meet 5 new clients a month with the need and requirement to advertise.
CPM deals
CPM should be offered on the initial proposal as follows. reduction on CPM rate should be offered only if client requests and should not be given on initial proposal.,
For clients with products & services directly related to our verticles. Ex – Leasing, housing/lands, mobile phones/telcos, tyres, batteries, vehicles,three-wheelers & motorcycles. etc…
      • confirmation of 1 or 2 months –  LKR 85
      • confirmation of 3 or 5 months – LKR 75
      • confirmation of 6 or 8 months – LKR 65
      • confirmation of 9 or 12 months – LKR 50
For clients with products & services indirectly related to our verticles. Ex –  Ex – FMCG, Motor insurance, Hardware, household fittings etc…
      • confirmation of 1 or 2 months –  LKR 70
      • confirmation of 3 or 6 months – LKR 60
      • confirmation of 6 or 12 months – LKR 50

For smaller clients with lesser budgets, you will be required to obtain approval for a lesser CPM value giving reasonable & acceptable reasons.

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